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Vatican city and sistine chapel tour

This tour is the best way to discover the holiest hill in town, rich with history and treasures, the lavish Vatican Museums, where Michaelangelo, Raphael and many Popes lived, the Sistine Chapel, and Saint Peter's Basilica! After the meeting with your guide, you will reach the usually packed Museum entrance, where, skipping the check-in line, you will enter the Museum through the terrace where a stunning vision of Saint Peter's dome overlooks the Vatican gardens.

In the museums you will behold the most beautiful Roman ancient statues, you will gasp at the length of the enormous Tapestry Hall, then through the Hall of the Painted Maps you will enter the Sistine Chapel whose impact in history, religion and visual arts has no equal in the world.

Michaelangelo spent most of his life here, and left his mark forever. Through a special door available only to your guide, you will reach Saint Peter's Basilica where Michaelangelo's sculpture "Pieta" is kept, and the tombs of the popes including John Paul II's, and Saint Peter the Apostle's, and a final view of the Pope's Balcony and Bernini's Colonnade Square.


Running days: everyday except Sunday, Wednesday morning and all religious events connected with the Pope's agenda and Vatican festivities: these follow a different calendar from Italy's one, in which Saint Peter's or sometimes even the Sistine Chapel may not be available.

Booking: Please make sure to let us know how many people will be in your party. Also, please use the following format to inform us of the date of your reservation: Type the month in letters followed by the day and year in numerals (example: June 24, 2013, morning, two adults, two seniors, three children).

Dress code: see FAQ and THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW section

Duration: about 3 and half hour.

Starting from euro 320.

What's included?

pick-up service with private car, VIP tickets and private english speaking guide