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Pisa and Lucca, the perfect day away from Rome

Pisa and Lucca, located at the far north of Tuscany, will provide you a perfect balance of culture and entertainment for all your family members! Pisa is close to the Mediterranean sea notorious for the Leaning Tower, which was built in late XIII to give a giant belltower to the Cathedral and Baptistry, but soon after its inauguration, the soft sandy bank under the tower's foundations started to badly sink until what was known all over the world, instead of a major enginneering failure, a miracle of balance; Pisa houses the famous University "Normale" where the scientist Galileo conducted phisics dynamics experiments by throwing from the tower two spheres of the same size but different material. Lucca is a beautiful, secluded, hill city hometown of Bernardo Nocchi, Vatican fresco painter, and notorious for the beautiful Cathedral.

Running days: everyday.

Booking: It is essential when you book this tour to let us know how many people will be in your party, the day you want to schedule the tour, as well as any potential walking related challenges that those in your party may have. Please write the date in the following format with the month spelled out to avoid confusion (example: June 24, early evening, two adults, two seniors, three children) and wait for our answer and confirmation.

Dress code: none

Duration: about 7 and half hours.