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Perugia, Narni, Orvieto, Assisi

Rome and its north have been always connected by the river Tiber and two roman roads, the Cassia and Flaminia ways that never ceased to be used, even in the darkest of the ages, which infact were framed in the only European road which would connect France to Rome, the famous Via Francigena, crossed by thousand of pilgrims and crusaders, soldiers, saints and kings for many ages. In this unique blend of cultures and travelling spirits Umbrian culture was shaped, as well as its many prominent figures, like Saint Francis of Assisi, Jacopone da Todi, Saint Ubaldo. Let your driver take you to such places like Orvieto, featuring the hugest gothic Cathedral in southern Europe, and proceed to Assisi crossing Perugia, Todi, Narni; by the many hundred churches and monasteries on the road you will experience the reason why this land is called "the Holy Land of Italy". Assisi is the hometown of Saint Francis, where he lived, changed gis mind and changed the world, in "happiness and simplicity" rebuilding his little chapel Saint Damiano as well as the religious conscience of many more than one generation. In the Upper Church, Giotto's frescoes are the witness of Saint Francis life, hard work, mysticism and charisma. In the underground Church, Saint Francis tomb is carved in the heart of a huge, fair and one- piece- only rock, which acts as foundation of the Upper Church and embodies as the logic of Franciscan beliefs of being simple, straight, one, poor and strong.

Running days: everyday.

Booking: It is essential when you book this tour, to write us how many people in your party there will be, if they can walk, and write the day you want the tour to be done IN LETTERS to avoid confusion and to provide you the right size minivan(example: June 24, two adults, two seniors, three children). Please wait for our answer and confirmation.

Dress code: none

Duration: about 7 and half hours.