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You will leave the centre of Rome driving North through the beautiful landscapes of Latium and Umbria, passing the old medieval towns of Orte and Orvieto, surrounded by gorgeous cliffs. In 2 hours you will be in the enchanting Tuscan countryside. After crossing the medieval town of Chianciano (today a famous International Spa resort) you will arrive in the historical centre of Montepulciano. You will walk through the charming cobblestone streets and see sumptuous residences, medieval churches, fortifications and the city hall square. You will visit the courtyard of Palazzo Ricci, designed by architect Baldassarre Peruzzi. The wine tasting will begin inside an ancient cellar, described by the magazine “Bella Italia” as the most beautiful in the world. You will taste 3 different types of red wines (Nobile and Riserva wines) while you eat locally-crafted, artisan salamis and cheeses. Next, you will continue the walking tour, visiting the shops of some local artisans. You will even have an opportunity to learn about the technique used for the production of copper objects, mosaics, wood carving, gold, jewelry and precious metals and more. Afterwards, you will visit a second wine cellar to taste 3 additional red wines. Finally, you will conclude this unforgettable day with a little time for shopping, after which you will depart for Rome where you will be dropped off directly at your hotel.

Running days: Everyday.

Booking: It is essential when you book this tour, to write us how many people will be in your group, if they can walk, and write the day you want the tour to be done IN LETTERS to avoid confusion and to provide you the right size minivan (example: June 24, two adults, two seniors, three children). Please wait for our answer and confirmation. 

Dress code: None; Duration: 10 hours