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Jewish Rome and Trastevere

Discover centuries and old traditions in the very heart of Rome, where the Jewish Community established 23 centuries ago! Your guide, whose license is acknowledged in Rome's Synagogue, will show you around the Portico d'Ottavia ruins overlooking Marcellus' Theatre, the main square associated with the October 13 Roman Jewish deportation to Auschwitz, the maze of alleyways leading to Piazza Mattei and the gorgeous Fountain of the Turtles. You will then enter the Main Synagogue of Rome, where the Temple's embroidered textiles and treasures are kept; you will then move to the Tiber Island to the Jewish Hospital and in Trastevere's Ancient Synagogue tower; a lovely short walk into the heart of Trastevere, where Saint Maria in Trastevere Basilica lies gleaming with mosaics overlooking the old portico with columns.

Unlike many others, our tour includes a visit inside the Synagogue.

The information provided by our guides is consistent with the Official Guidelines of the Roman Jewish Community.


Running days: Sunday to Friday 9,45 am to 2pm, closed on Friday afternoons, Saturdays and all national and international Jewish Holidays. During some private celebrations such as Weddings, Bar and Bat Mizvah, anniversaries and funerals, we might have to schedule the entrance to the Synagogue as accordingly.

Booking: Please make sure to let us know how many people will be in your group. Also, please use the following format to inform us of the date of your reservation: Type the month in letters followed by the day and year in numerals (example: June 24, 2013, morning, two adults, two seniors, three children).

Dress code: See FAQ and THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW section about shorts skirts and pants, covered shoulders.

Notice: All men entering the Synagogue are kindly requested to wear a hat, a cap or in case you have none, a "Kippah" (skull cap) will be handed over to each man by the Synagogue staff at the Temple gates. Please return the skull cap you are given at the Temple's exit; if you like it, you may buy one at the Synagogue bookshop, but you must return the one you were given. Picture Policy: Due to security considerations the Synagogue has a very strictly enforced no photo policy. No part of the Synagogue may be photographed including the inside, underground and even the Synagogue staff. You are welcome, however, to take pictures of the building from the outside and you are welcome to take pictures of the Synagogue from the outside railing.

Duration: About 2 hours and 45 minutes.

starting from € 350

what’s included?

Pick up service with private deluxe car Vip tickets and Private Professional Licensed English speaking guide.