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Cooking Class in Piazza Navona

Enjoy authentic Italian cooking, one of the most enjoyable and exquisite experiences for your palate in a professional Roman kitchen, where at the end of your hard work, you and your family will eat all the treats you have cooked! Internationally awarded Italian Chef Mario Rossi of Restaurant Le Quattro Colonne overlooking Piazza Navona, will allow you in his kitchen where you will give shape to all sort of breads and pastas, prepare ragu, pesto and other sauces. You will assemble ingredients, braise meat, stew and fry fish, experience food tasting in its million flavors and then finally eat it all! This experience will stay with you for the rest of your life because of the skills and smart tips you'll learn, and it will be great fun for you, your family and friends!

Running days: Everyday, both lunch and dinner.

Booking: It is essential when you book this class, to let us know how many people will be in your group, as well as the day you want to schedule the class. Please write the date in the following format with the month spelled out to avoid confusion (example: June 24, early evening, two adults, two seniors, three children) and please wait for our answer and confirmation.

Dress code: None.

Important: Please be sure to inform the Chef of any allergies and/or medical conditions (including but not limited to: weight control diets, diabetes, food allergies, "celiac" or wheat allergy disease, heart surgery, pregnancy, breast feeding, medical substance consumption) in order to avoid cooking food that may harm you, or your child. It is your responsibility to inform the Chef of these conditions and to avoid consuming foods and other substances that may be harmful to you.

Duration: About 3 hours, plus lunch or dinner.