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Address: Love Holidays s.r.l.s., Via Sardegna 17, 00187, Rome, Italy

Phone: (+39) 339 3488019
Email: info [ @ ] love-holidays.it
Web: www.love-holidays.it


Contact info

english, french, german, spanish cell. phones : +39.339.3488019 +39.348.2105883 +39.329.6181186 russian cell phone : +39 333.1435905

Before booking

We answer ALL emails. If you don't receive an answer within 24-36 hours, please check your spam folder. If you find nothing in your spam folder, please write us again at jerry.soldo@fastwbnet.it


To secure your booking, we'll need to ask you for your credit card information. This is only for the purpose of securing your reservation and nothing will be charged on your credit card unless you fail to show up on the day of the tour without having sent us a cancellation email within 48 HOURS of the start of the tour.